On Monday, there were news reports that the 111 non-emergency telephone number was inundated with calls from people trying to find out if they had any of the symptoms of the coronavirus. The NHS has recommended that people use the web instead.
This will relieve pressure on the NHS helpdesk.

As more cases of the coronavirus are found in the UK, businesses are going to have to face the very real prospect that encouraging people to go into the office, raises the risk of the virus spreading.
Business continuity plans may well have to be deployed, to limit the impact of the virus. The question everyone is asking is:
How well will my business or myself & family cope should self- isolation become necessary?
Some businesses are already encouraging employees to work from home if they can, while others have withdrawn from or cancelled meetings, conferences etc for the next few weeks.
Some are providing staff with laptops with a remote connection to their server.

If you work on a laptop in the office, take it home every night with your work stored on the hard-drive if you don’t have a server.

Its critical to have work laptops encrypted if they going to leave a secure workplace environment.

We have had many enquires & requests to setup Microsoft Teams video conferencing, this could be a solution for any business that has to keep in touch with team members that aren’t able to travel or leave their home.

The internet will be essential for anyone self-isolating, ensure you have a rock-solid connection if an entire family isolates your broadband could become severely stretched, ensure your devices are up to date especially any devices running Microsoft Windows. Needless to say, you must have effective anti-virus software on your Windows PCs /Laptops & Android phones & tablets.
Rest assured Guardian Angel PC Support will be just a phone call away to answer questions offer IT solutions & keep you up and running at home or work during the current difficulties.

By the use of our remote connection software we can solve most computer issues & problems from our office here in Ashton-on-Mersey & from our Salisbury Office
We are available 7 days a week 8 am – 10 pm

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