WiFi For Business

It has become increasingly important in recent years to ensure that your business premises has a good WiFi signal for your staff and any onsite guests.

Our Business wifi solutions make sure that your wireless network is:

  • strong and reliable with no black spots,
  • secure with guests being allowed to access the internet but not your internal files or machines,
  • and is fast no matter how many people try to use it at one time.

Whilst modern routers have improved their signal strength, in some businesses a WiFi repeater is needed so that a full WiFi signal can be received everywhere.

A WiFi repeater can extend Wifi signal outdoors or throughout a large site. Many cafes, pubs and restaurants attract customers with a good WIFI hotspot, a repeater can make sure even outside tables get a good signal.

Guardian Angel PC Support has a range of repeaters to suit all situations. Please ring us for advice.

Young woman using laptop


A mesh network is comprised of two or more WiFi routers, which work together to provide much wider WiFi coverage throughout your business. A mesh system gives you a single WiFi network allowing devices to switch seamlessly, connecting and disconnecting from individual routers in the background as you move around. A mesh system is ideal for businesses and hotels extending a single access WiFi network throughout a building giving seamless connectivity with a single password.



Guardian Angel PC Support can provide a free onsite WiFi survey to assess your WiFi needs. This helps our clients make informed decisions concerning the specifications and encryption levels of their internet routers and wireless access points. We can also recommend a wide range of network switches, from small business devices through to high end options, that include advanced traffic management and performance optimisation. Call 0161 976 2450 to book your survey today.