internet Security

Staying safe online requires a good internet security product that can scan your online activity and the emails and programs you download, keeping you and your data safe.

Guardian Angel PC Support recommend the award winning ESET Anti virus. ESET is fast, powerful technology that keeps you safe 24/7. It is simple, fast and effective against spyware, malware and viruses. It also has a very minor impact on system performance when compared to similar products.

If your are storing information about other people on your individual PCs or network then your data needs to be encrypted, we recommend Deslock security.

Anti Virus for home

One of the most common computer issues we encounter with our home clients are virus infections. They can range from relatively minor issues such as pop-ups and webpage re-directions to infections that can cripple your entire computer.

Viruses can end up on your hard drive in many ways – a malicious website disguised as a genuine one or a fake e-mail impersonation with attachments are two of the most common ways this can occur.

ESET have a range of anti-virus protection applications that can help both PC and Mac users secure their machines from intrusion and scan and remove any malware too.

Anti Virus for Mobile

We offer two types of ESET applications for your Android mobile phones.

ESET Mobile Security with powerful anti-virus, user friendly app lock and proactive anti-theft features.

  • Secures your device against cybersecurity issues, including ransomware attacks.
  • Protects the apps from unauthorized access by using a PIN or a fingerprint.
  • Locks a device against unknown SIM and helps you find your missing phone.

ESET Parental Control

Keep your children safe online, in a child-friendly way – ESET Parental Control for Android lets you help them navigate online, manage what apps and websites they use and decide together what’s good for them. It also lets you see where your children are, and send messages directly to their device screens.

Anti Virus for Business

It is widely agreed that the majority of security incidents can be prevented by effective patch and anti-virus management, for example Wannacry. 

Our range of ESET products offers:
  • Email protection. Safeguard your email with simple set-and-forget protection against malware and spam.
    Anti-virus. Anti-malware. Anti-spam. Anti-phishing
    Optional Cloud Sandbox analysis
  • Easy-to-run protection, with cloud-based security management, manage products via the cloud.
  • Powerful Multi-factor authentication making access to networks and data safe and problem-free.

File Security and Privacy

Our ESET file security and privacy applications are powerful enough to protect the most organisations. Covering:

  • A simple to use encryption application providing full remote control of endpoint encryption keys and security policy for files on hard drives, portable devices and emails.
  • Cross-platform anti-malware protection against shared-file and host-system infection. Ransomware prevention. Zero-day threats detection. Data breaches prevention. Botnet protection
  • ESET NOD32 technology that protects VMs and frees up system resources.
  • Easy deployment as an Azure VM extension. One-click automatic deployment into Microsoft Azure environment.