Network And Server Support

Network servers are the beating heart of most businesses. They keep the company moving and allow users to share data, internet access and peripherals like scanners and printers.

Whether you need minor improvements to an existing network or to install a completely new infrastructure, Guardian Angel PC Support will analyse the business applications you are running and the corresponding storage requirements, before recommending the best hardware to fulfil your needs. 

Small businesses may be able to manage with a single server or a hybrid solution with their emails being managed in the cloud. Larger companies are likely to need dedicated file servers, email servers and application servers.

Regardless of your organisation’s size, your Network should be monitored. We can provide a complete RMM (Remote Maintenance & Management) solution. We believe prevention is better than cure. With RMM we can identify and rectify problems before they become an issue avoiding major implications for your business.

When Disaster Strikes, How Are You Equipped To Recover?

Servers and storage devices are the most critical components of your business’ network, as they store the data that enables your company to function. With this in mind, our engineers will perform a thorough review of your backup and disaster recovery plans as part of your network assessment. The single most important thing is that your network and data must be protected and stored in multiple secure locations.

As you know, Disaster Recovery planning and testing is critical to ensure you can keep both your business and your clients up and running should the worst happen.

Even if you do have a Disaster Recovery plan, when was the last time it was tested? Last month, last quarter, last year… ever?

Here at Guardian Angel PC Support we have the skills and expertise to implement backup plans which include disaster recovery.  Call us today.