Need A New PC?

With so many PCs available to buy, how do you pin down the perfect solution for you? Here’s how to find the perfect tower or laptop for you.

What makes a great PC can’t be based entirely on the specification, although specification certainly is important. It also depends on what suits you best. You may want a small screen to save on space or a dual monitor display with a solid-state drive to make it blisteringly fast. Do you want to watch films & catch up? Or do you simply need something to check Facebook with? We will discuss your requirements and build the right PC for your budget.

Computer developer working with computers at night

You may be wondering how much RAM you’ll need,  which processor to choose, which graphics card to pick, which display to look for and which hard drive will be best for you – there are so many issues that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

That’s where we come in. If you’re looking for a new Tower Computer or Laptop or perhaps a gaming machine capable of running the latest Virtual Reality games; call us. Getting the machine that’s right for you is critical and Guardian Angel PC Support stands ready & able to guide you through the choppy waters of computer hardware.

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At Guardian Angle PC Support we can build a custom PC specifically for your needs and to your budget helping to get the right PC for you. Below is a list of the approximate budgets for  different types of PC builds.


Business Machines

Get a reliable and upgradeable business machine. This will enable you to run the normal word processing, spreadsheet and standard business software. As well as social surfing. 
Budget £400

Home Budgets

Gaming Machines

The main difference between a business machine and a gaming machine is the addition of a higher end graphics card as well as a faster CPU and the correct power supply to cope with the extra power and processing needed.

Budget gaming machine

An entry level gaming machine that can play current games but some graphics options may need to be turned down.
Budget £600

Good gaming machine

Gaming machine with the ability to play current games at a good graphics quality. This is the budget we recommend for a decent quality machine.
Budget £1000

High-end gaming machine (VR ready)

Turn all the settings up to full and still have spare capacity for the future rise of Virtual Reality. This level of PC will also give you the best graphics quality for current games enabling you to see them as they are intended to be played.
Budget £1500 (+ the Oculus Rift VR set currently £399)

Cutting edge gaming

These game systems are specially engineered with the fastest components to give you silky smooth frame rates in even the most demanding of games. We offer a wide range of options based on the market leading graphics cards. The ability to turn all the graphics settings up to max and not compromise speed and frame rates is a what we aim for.
Budget from £1500 up to £3000

Bleeding edge

The very latest equipment comes at a cost but can open up whole new worlds of stunning graphics and immersive gaming.

Budget £3000+

Call us on 0161 976 2450 to get advice on what you can get for your budget. Call now to get your PC ready to play