Home Data Backup

Data is the most important part of your computer. Computer hardware can fail, data can be corrupted, computers can be lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Online data backup software can help you protect and restore your data when something goes wrong.

Having a backup of your personal and household data is essential to securing your precious photographs, home video and essential documents.

Guardian Angel Backup

Guardian Angel Backup delivers powerful online solutions that are simple to use, affordable, secure and accessible no matter where you are.

  • Online Data Backup – The service enables users to easily backup, restore, access, and share online digital assets using either a Windows™ PC or Mac™ client.
  • Fast Recovery – Users can immediately restore lost files or folders with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Remote Access & Sharing – Guardian Angel Backup lets you securely access your data from anywhere.


Information Safety

Our secure online backup solution gives our clients the confidence that their important files, photos and videos are backed up to a secure UK-based data store. Key benefits include:


Having data in the cloud allows you to have access to your data anytime.


Ransomware, hardware failure, theft and fire are all incidents in which we’ve seen clients lose important data. By storing your backups in a remote place it gives you peace of mind that you’ll be able to recover any files in the event of a catastrophe.

Cost Effective

Cloud based data backup solutions are very cost-effective for home users, especially in comparison to purchasing external drives. Plus, they offer an unlimited amount of storage.