Project Webcam

I have had quite a few enquiries from members looking to get hold of a webcam with a built-in microphone. Under current circumstances they really are like ‘Hens Teeth’ most well known places have sold out & what’s left can be expensive with a 4 week delivery, some are available on eBay from China! however that’s not a reliable source and open to scamming. Mobiles, Laptops & Tablets have webcams built in. If you have moved from a desktop to a laptop you may well have one tucked away some where.

Therefore today I launch…drum roll

Project Webcam

Do you have a webcam that you no longer use? do you need a webcam?

If you have an unused webcam that you no longer have a use for drop me a email. I will ensure it goes to someone in need of course FOC. I can collect from you, or you can post it to me, I will then deliver it to anyone in need.

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