Friday, 28 July 2017 12:20

Windows 10 Creator Update

The Windows 10 creator update was released on 11th April 2017 and it’s packed full of new features and exciting new programs.  Although the update is not compulsory, we recommend that all updates issued by Windows should be installed to help keep your machine supported and secure. If you are going to install the update; make sure you have backed up your files first.

To get Windows 10 creator edition, you would need to go into settings then updates and security. You should then see an option which says update to Windows creator now. Sound simple enough? If all goes well it is however, we have an increasing number of computers fail during the update.

Things can get complicated from here as a variety of factors can affect your eligibility for the update and also the process you need to go through to initiate the update. It is important to have the latest updates of the operating system installed as this leads to a more secure and safe environment. If the update is not working for you or you need help installing the updates give us a call- we are always happy to help.

Gaming Mode

There’s a new gaming mode in the Xbox which allows Windows to prioritise CPU and GPU resources for your games. Most people will never use this however it’s one of my favourite features and I have been using them during the few hours I get self-indulge in a game.

Paint 3-D

Microsoft has always included paint in their operating system but now they’ve created paint 3-D. This app gives you the ability to draw and create 3-D images which even for a beginner is a breeze. I would love to spend hours creating interesting and intricate 3-D images however I just don’t have the time. This is definitely a welcome application and will come in handy in the future.

Night lights

Often we Guardian Angels find ourselves working until the small hours of night and we always seem to find it hard to sleep when we do finish. We know why this is, it’s because the blue light that emits from our screens keeps the brain active and awake. The nightlight feature gives you the ability to change the tone of light enjoying the quiet hours allowing our brains to switch off when it’s time to get into bed.

Dynamic lock

This is an interesting feature that lets us lock our computer when we walk too far away from it. The feature works by sensing the Bluetooth signal in your phone and when the signal disappears the computer simply locks itself. This means that if I were to leave the office without manually locking my machine; it would lock itself. I always love extra security features.

Microsoft Edge Improvements

The new feature within Microsoft edge allows you to set tabs to one side. Most people will not use this feature however if you have lots of different webpages open at once it can be very useful and edge lays out the tabs so you can see a small picture of what’s on the page.